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Backyard Movie Options

Add our Backyard Cinema Experience to your Teepee party or glamping party and your event will be celebrated in unforgettable style!


Love the look of our Outdoor Cinema Experience, but you’re not hosting a Glamping or Teepee party? 

No problem; our Ultimate Movie Night package is perfect for you!


Choose your cinema package from the options below and we will deliver, set up* and pack up the next day. All that is left for you to do is supply your favorite movie than sit back and enjoy your very own Backyard Cinema experience!  

*Set up includes placing the screen in place & styling. The outdoor cinema components must remain under cover from the weather (sun and rain) until movie time; therefore we will run through set-up procedures and leave a manual for you to set up once the weather is right, and the sun has set.​​

Backyard Movie Night




• Inflatable Screen - includes air pump & pegs* 

•Sound Speaker

•Projector - with HDMI & remote control

• DVD player & remote

• All cords for power and connectivity

• Projector Stand

* Please advise if a screen is going on pavers or an area that can't be pegged and we will bring sandbags.







$50 off when you Hire any of our parties*




Special Cinema Experience 


• Backyard Movie Night (all the items above)


• Rugs

• Floor Cushions & Blankets

• Inflatable couches (seating for 10)

• Side tables

• 2 Lanterns



$50 off when you hire any of our other parties*


What do I need to provide?

You just need to supply the popcorn and the movies.

Your favorite movies can be played via HDMI cable to our DVD player (preferred), your computer or AppleTV device. 

Music can be played via Bluetooth from your mobile device. 


USB or hard drive connectivity is available, however, we can not guarantee it will be compatible with our system
(only particular file formats & resolution can be played from your hard drive, please talk to us for more detail)

PLEASE NOTE: Cinema cannot be used until sunset (when it is dark enough for the picture to be visible on the screen).

We will do a basic set up and you are required to place components in place for the cinema and then pack away at the end of the evening so as to ensure components are not left exposed to the weather.

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