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DIY Sleepover FUN


Are you a very creative parent or have enough time to plan and set up your child’s special sleepover by yourself? I get it because I would do the same! High Five!


It can be very fun to set up the party yourself or ask your child to help you with it. We will guide you through the setup and make sure you have fun with it and the end result will be perfect as well. Are you ready for some fun?



Items Included:


5 tents

5 air mattresses with sheets

1 air pump

5 decorative pillows

5 blankets

5 lanterns with tea lights


Any extra decor depending on theme, garlands or special decor on each tent.


Add Trays for an additional $5 each. 

Rental Value:



Overnight Rental for 5 kids

$35 Each additional Guest


The customer is responsible for picking up and dropping off items at the location provided. 

What to Expect:


Picking Up Items:


We will schedule a good time for you to pick up the items in our location. It is very important to think about the size of the vehicle you have when picking up the tents. They are long and you definitely need an SUV to pack everything. (ask us for more details if you have questions) 

We will help you to load your vehicle and show you where everything is. We also will go through a checklist with you, of everything you are renting to be returned the next day. Making it more organized and easier for both of us!


Guide for the setup:


We will share with you on the day of the party a guide with instructions and on how to make your party look perfect!


How to set up yourself:


It is very easy to set up tents once you have everything on hand. You just need to make sure you have enough time for the set up prior to the big reveal.


Hosting your Party:


Do you need some ideas on how to entertain your guests and make sure you can create the best experience?


No problem, we will share with you a guide of fun activities for the age group you are looking for. 


Cleaning up


It was so much fun, but now its time to clean up! Ask the kids to leave items by the tents so that way you can count and clean everything, we will give you instructions on how to start the cleaning process and packing up. 


Returning items


We will schedule a good time to wait for you to go through the checklist and help you to unload the vehicle. If any items are missing or broken, you can let us know and we will replace it. A fee may apply for each item that is lost or broken. 

Have any other questions? We will be happy to help! Just email us at perfectpartiesoh@gmail.com

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