Frequently Asked Questions


How do I book a party?
You may fill out the reservation form on the Book Now Page, and we will email you back to discuss the details. You may also call us at 614-338-5489. A $107 non-refundable deposit will be required at the time of booking to hold your party date. We accept credit or debit via Quickbooks or PayPal. This deposit will go towards the cost of your party, which will need to be paid completely by cash, check or money order when we arrive on the day of the party.


What if I need to cancel or postpone my party?
If you have to postpone, we will work with you to reschedule your party to another day that will work. The deposit is non-refundable, but it can be applied towards the cost of another party if held within 90 days of the original party date. If you choose to cancel our services for ANY reason, your deposit will not be refunded. As the host(ess), you will need to notify your guests of the cancellation.


What if there is bad weather or illness?
In case of bad weather or illness, Perfect Parties reserves the right to reschedule your party. If the guest of honor becomes ill, we will gladly work with you to choose an alternative date for your party (based on availability).


When do you need the final RSVP count?
We will need your final RSVPs no later than five days prior to the party. You may email it to us or we will call you. With this total, we will determine your remaining balance. The number you give us is what we will use to prepare for the party. Perfect Parties will then determine the appropriate quantities of items and the advance cost of preparing for your party.


What is the minimum attendance?
Parties may be scheduled for four or more children. If less than four attend your party, you will still be charged for your four children.


What should the children wear?
For the sleepover parties, kids can wear pajamas. For the parties that include costumes, it must be worn over a leotard or bathing suit. Therefore, we kindly request that your guests know to arrive either in a leotard or bathing suit. We can remind your guests of this in your custom invitations. If you have boys attending your party, they may wear a plain white shirt. 


What should be done for a child that has food allergies?
It will be your responsibility to check for food allergies and to inform us of any concerns. If a guest should have severe allergies that we are unable to accommodate, then either you or the child’s parent should provide alternate refreshments for that child.


What happens if guests arrive late?
We have a pre-determined schedule, so we are unable to wait for guests that arrive late. They may join the party at whatever point it has progressed to when arriving.


Are parents invited to stay for the party?
This is a high energy party with make-up, dress-up, photo taking, eating, and lots of movement. We request that adults wait in an area that is non-interfering for the party. Keeping the noise level down is also important so the party guests can hear and follow directions of the Party Director.


What if we want to open gifts?
That is fine. We request that you set up an area in another room to open gifts. Once our hosted party has ended and we are cleaning up, you then can have a gift opening. You will need to give extra time on your invitation to allow for this.


Parking for the Party Director
Please leave some space for us to park near an entrance where we will not be blocked in. We would appreciate easy access, as we have a lot of heavy items to carry into your party.


Travel Charges


Perfect Parties determines mileage fees based on the suggested routes of MapQuest.com and applies to areas located 30 miles (both ways)  outside of 43035 with a cap at 30 miles. Want to do a quick test to see if you are located within our service area? 


Visit Mapquest.com and simply input your address as the start and the 43035 Zip Code for an initial idea. (This information may be subject to change once full addresses are input. ) 


Area codes over 15-30 miles - $20 Mileage Fee

Area codes over 30-59 miles - $55

Further than 60 miles of 43035 contact Perfect Parties directly to discuss rates.  



Are pets allowed at the party? Pets are not allowed in the party area.



How long it takes to set up party? We will try to set up your event as quickly as possible.  We have a lot of things to do during a short time, for this reason, we kindly request that no guests or children are in the setup area, the time delay can affect the duration of your party.  We also need for the parking area to be cleared prior to our arrival.  We take between 45 minutes to 90 minutes to set up the decoration. We will not extend the time of our party packages because of late arrivals, delays on set up or on parking space.  If you choose a party package, and you wish to continue the event after our service is complete we request that you move your guests to a separate area while we break down. 



  • Please provide enough space for the tables and chairs we will bring.

  • Provide Kitchen space in case of hiring our tea party services.

  • Provide safe, clean areas for other activities: craft area, make-up and 
    dressing area, and an area for games and/or ceremonies/fashion show.

  • Provide a gathering place for parents of the guests if you want them to stay.

  • Provide a smoke-free environment.

  • Make sure no pets are in the party area or venue during our hosting or rentals.

  • Please remain with the party at all times.

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