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"A better way to go camping"

Kids and Adults

Glamping Sleepover

Select from our glamping sleepover packages below based on your number of guests. 

Our glamping tents accommodate between 3 - 6 twin mattresses. 

Or have guests bring their own sleeping bags, and you can invite up to 10 friends.

Included on Each tent

Our tents are 100% cotton and waterproof. We decorated them with rugs, string lights, lanterns, and glamping decorations. The glamping packages with beds include an air mattress, soft sheets, blankets, pillows, and small tables on each side.

Design your Sleepover

 We have several party themes and color schemes to chose from our teepee sleepover packages. We’re also happy to collaborate with you to create a custom theme that fits your vision and budget.

Glamping SleEpover Packages

Sleepover for 6 on a 5-meter tent


Air beds, sheets, blankets, pillows for decoration, lights, lanterns, decor, and small tables.


Sleepover for




Glamping Tent with no beds $380

(fits 10 sleeping bags)

Glamping Party

Time to Party with our GLAMPING PARTY Packages

Transform your next gathering with a glamping party tent. Select the tent and decor theme that fits your party theme. We'll work with you to determine the best setup options. 

Party Ideas

Birthday Party

Prom & Graduation Celebration

Neighborhood Gathering

Mom's Night Out

... so many possibilities!

IMG_3298 (1).jpg

Ultimate Glamping Party


with chairs, bean bags, and air couch


Included in the Tent

Rugs, lanterns, string lights, pillows for decoration, and lots of glamping decorations with each tent setup.

*picture for inspiration*


perfect GlampinG


Couples, Family and Friends

You'll never look at camping the same once you've gone glamping with us!

We have several different tent configuration options and will work with you to come up with a setup that is perfect for your occasion. 

Make Memories

You will cherish the memories you make with your significant other, family, and friends when you share this experience!


Looking for a campsite?


Let us help you! We will give you a list of places around the Columbus area.


Packages for families and Friends


* 5 Meter tent 

* Queen-size air mattress

* Plush pillows, sheets, and blanket

* Rugs and decor

* lanterns

* string lights

* Two camping chairs


Family Glamping

* 5 Meter tent 

* Queen-size air mattress

*Two twin-size air mattresses

* Plush pillows, sheets, and blankets

* Rugs and decor

* Lanterns

* String lights

* Four camping chairs


Glamping Friends

* 5 Meter tent 

* Four twin-size air mattresses

* Plush pillows, sheets, and blankets

* Rugs and decor

*  Lanterns

* String lights

* Four camping chairs


Weddings and special Occasions



Weddings are all about bringing the most important people in your life together to celebrate a momentous occasion.


Tents create a festive setting that can be used in many creative ways on your special day. 

Customized for Your Day

We will work closely with you to design a tent setup that fits your special day. We gladly coordinate with your event planner, the venue, photographer, and others.

Other ideas:

Bachelorette parties, yoga retreats, anniversaries, engagements, honeymoon, and so much more.

We also offer a wedding corner for kids to hang out. Options are endless!



Please contact us with your event details to receive a price estimate.


It will include the complete setup, takedown, and all of the items and decorations for a one-night rental.


We will work with you to schedule the specific times you would the like the tents to be set up and taken down. Additional nights may be secured for $100 per night. 

If you have any special inquiries, please let us know and we will do our best to accommodate your needs.

Additional Options


Movie Night Rental

Make your night even better!

We have 2 options for the backyard movie, we can rent just the screen or the lounge with air couch , rugs and pillows. Screen comes with projector, dvd player and sound system.


Special Dining

Small and big gatherings

We can create a nice dining experience for you and your guests. Let us know your plans and we will make it happen.



Sand bags for a solid location, air conditioning unit, propane heater, fan.

Ask what you need and we will add to the quote for you. 


Picnic Setup

A luxury retreat!

More fun than a picnic is a luxury picnic. We will bring everything for a special day. Picnic includes lower table, pillows and 2 teepees for a fun time.


Romantic Table

A special time with your loved one

Nothing is more romantic than a picnic table for 2, set up with beautiful details and special items for a romantic date or special occasion. We will love to help you to celebrate!

Christmas Gift

Party Favors

And more!

We can add nice party favors to your event, spa table, breakfast table, decorations and event planning. Let us know what you need and we will help you all the step of the way.

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